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Off-Road Home Projects

Toyota FJ40 Extended Chassis

This really is still vaporwear at his point except that we have already done a great deal of preliminary research and design evaluation. It is mostly a matter of finding a suitable FJ40 for a project core. When we finally got around to seriously looking for one a few years back, we were stunned by the prices the market appeared to be supporting, upwards of $8K for examples in so-so condition, way out of our budget. At that kind of buy in just to get started, we started thinking more seriously of scouting around for a Dodge WC54 Ambulance core, a project that appeals even more to our vintage inclinations.  See Vaporware. Our intent is to post on this page much of the information we uncovered relevant to an FJ40 project.

Toyota FJ40 - Project Plan                     Toyota FJ40 Project Log