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Welcome to Kestrel Services 

Providing on-site client contract services in the following fields of expertise:

Motorsports Retail Business Management, Organization and Systems Development

Vehicle Service, Maintenance, Performance Modification and Fabrication

Commercial & Residential Electrical, PV Grid Intertied & Off-Grid - Design & Implementation

Martial Arts Instruction


Motorsports Retail Business Management, Organization & Systems Development

I have approximately 20 years of experience with retail motorcycle operations. I have dealt with a variety of franchised brands, both European and Japanese. and over this long span I have filled all positions in this field including:

Service Manager, Service Writer and Service Technician

Parts Manager, Parts Counter Salesman and Mail Order Operations

New and used motorcycle sales were an ongoing responsibility in most of the companies I worked for

General Manager

I am intimately familiar with the interdependencies and the embedded conflicts that typically exist between the different departments of a retail motorsports establishment. Over my long years of experience I have developed the ability to create and implement operational systems and the balances necessary to maximize profitability for this type of business, both for the individual departments and the businesses as a whole, while minimizing the aggravations that usually disrupt the smooth operation of this type of business.

I also have considerable experience performing this type of role in a public setting. I was employed by the City of Durango, a Colorado municipality, for over five years in which all but a few months of my time was spent in positions with the city's fleet service operations.

I developed, implemented and administered new systems to direct, track and analyze the City‘s fleet and facilities maintenance programs. During that time I overhauled most of the methods used to; field and track customer requests for service, schedule and allocate shop time for technicians, and track vehicle service histories. Part of that time was spent managing the service shop’s daily operation for five technicians, scheduling vehicles for service, PDIs and special projects. I was also responsible for research, selection and implementation of a new Fleet Maintenance software package to coordinate fleet operations.

Is your motorsports operation operating at a loss or heading that way ? Do you suspect it could run more efficiently? Do you detect unhappiness amongst your customers ? Do you find the frequency and severity of internal shop conflicts growing and the daily grind increasingly aggravating for you and your employees ? If so, but you are at a loss about how to fix these problems, perhaps I can help.


Vehicle Service, Maintenance, Performance Modification and Fabrication

I have considerable experience in these vehicle related fields. Although the majority of this time revolves around motorcycles, I am also familiar with passenger vehicles, light trucks and heavy duty service vehicles as well. Basic maintenance, troubleshooting, design and fabrication of specialized modifications are all within my range of skills. I am particularly adept at reconfiguring motorcycles for a use beyond their original design intent. If you find yourself wishing that your motorcycle allowed you to do more in a wider variety of situations but aren't in a position to replace it or add another bike to your stable, I can probably help you choose and implement modifications that allow you to pursue a wider variety of riding opportunities.


Commercial & Residential Electrical - PV Grid Intertied & Off-Grid Design

I have some 16,000 hours of experience as an electrician in commercial, residential, and industrial settings. This experience includes work in new installation, remodel & service and in both conventional and solar photovoltaic applications, both grid intertied and off-grid.  I am particularly interested in off grid homesteads from an integrated design standpoint and how photovoltaics might play a role. I can fill roles as both design consultant and in actual implementation.


Martial Arts Instruction

I have practiced a variety of martial arts during my lifetime including wrestling, judo, Hung Gar kung fu and Kokikai Aikido. It was in the latter art that I discovered the joy and rewards of teaching. I found that I have extraordinary patience, and an ability to explain clearly and succinctly both the psychic and physical reasons behind the successful application of the different techniques as well as the value of applying the lessons of a martial artist’s mindset to life’s daily challenges. My range of experience in a diversity of martial arts applications permits me to see the strengths and weaknesses of many styles. My teaching approach is grounded in Kokikai Aikido, with modifications that better suit it to our contemporary world. I instruct in either private lessons or in very small groups. I would be happy to discuss with you the reasons for which you might consider instruction and what you hope to achieve from it.