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Welcome to Kestrel Information 

Offering off-site client contract services in the following disciplines:


Information Research

Need an answer and you don't have the resources or time to track it down. Perhaps we can help.


Technical Writing and Editing

We specialize at presenting subject matter, from the simple to the technically complex, in a clear and concise manner. We can extract information from source data and tailor a presentation for any audience, from peer review level to the casual reader. We are accomplished at presenting information for a variety of purposes; as a purely technical dissertation, or with an educational intent, or from an advocate's point of view, such as as marketing or promotional literature. If you have a significant customer list for your business but do not send a out a newsletter on a regular basis, you may be missing the most cost effective marketing strategy available. If you understand the potential value here but just don't have the time or skill to pursue it, give us a call.


Web Site Design and Fabrication

Do you believe that a presence on the web would benefit your business but haven't been able to justify making that move ? Have you investigated this already and found the initial web site build costs and maintenance fees too steep, or you just can't imagine finding the time or resources to keep it updated ? Perhaps you have seen one too many web sites that just seem to be an expensive static display. 

Now, think of a web page as a hybrid of a full page color advertisement in the Yellow Pages blended with the freshly updated immediacy of a radio or TV ad, but free of the intrusive aspects of the latter. You can change the content on a regular or random schedule, keep your customers advised about new products, promotional events, or sales specials, and for a fraction of the cost of of the other advertising formats. All of the truly essential information for your business can be presented in a format that allows for an exceptionally clean, easy to navigate web site, perhaps even as simple as a single page. Combine this with a permission based marketing program utilizing your customer contact list and you have the foundation for an exceptionally low cost, real time advertising and sales tool. We will also built simple templates to allow us to update your site easily and at whatever frequency you choose. We have the writing and editing skills to put the raw information you provide into a presentable and appealing web compatible format. If you are really pressed for time, we may even be able to gather up the raw information for you.

Web site building is not our primary occupation so we have little incentive to persuade you into a complex web site design with all of the latest bells and whistles. We prefer the virtues of clarity, simplicity and function in our web site builds, which favor less effort rather than more in both the initial build and the subsequent maintenance.