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Welcome to Kestrel Services LLC!

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KESTREL DESIGN develops ideas and products in areas that interest us. In a few cases the ideas are developed for outright sale or licensed for development and marketing by an outside party. Mostly, however, ideas and projects are developed in house as either custom executions for individual buyers or as proof of concept prototypes for small-scale series production.

Alpinas & GSs concentrates on the design & fabrication of specialized motorcycles and sidecars. 

Off-Road Homes specializes in vehicles that serve multiple purposes as traveling shelter and toybox.

Green Sun Electric Vehicles pursues a small corner of electric vehicle design which focuses on keeping the build relatively inexpensive and using the EV fun.  

Cornucopia conducts investigative research and development ideas in any field that we find interesting. 


KESTREL SERVICES is intended as a provider of on-site client contract services in the following fields of expertise:

Motorsports Retail Business Management, Organization and Systems Development

Vehicle Service, Maintenance, Performance Modification and Fabrication

Commercial & Residential Electrical, PV Grid Intertied & Off-Grid - Design & Implementation

Martial Arts Instruction


KESTREL TRADING  buys, sells and trades items in any fields we find interesting, but we focus on these ones:

Motorcycles & Parts

Vintage GMC & Chevy Vans

Bladed Weapons  


KESTREL INFORMATION  offers off-site client contract services in the following disciplines:

Information Research

Technical Writing

Web Site Design and Fabrication 


ANIMAS MARKETPLACE  is an online consignment service intend to serve our regional neighborhood. You can:

Offer an item for sale

List an item you want

Offer an item for trade

















What’s New

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and relaxing holiday season!

24 Dec 2009 - Remember that we’re encouraging our local customers to bring your bikes in for service before the spring rush. We’re offering pickup and delivery and a 20% discount on labor for all service and repair scheduled between January 1st and March 31st

-We are now servicing Triumphs, KTMs, Moto Guzzis, and other European brands

-We are setting up a used parts store on EBay. If you have extra parts or accessories, let us know and we can sell them for you.

- I’m happy to announce that we’ve become the country’s primary dealer for Heidenau dual sport tires from Germany. The K60 and K76 have become very popular with the adventure rider crowd. 

-We have a large inventory of tires that are reduced in price from 20% to 35% off suggested retail through December 31st and will special order select tires at 20% off now through January 31st. Buy now and we’ll keep them warm and dry until you’re ready to have them mounted in the spring. 

-Also, we’re offering 15% off all Touratech accessories in stock.  

-Here is a very informative article reprinted in this month’s Owner’s News from Nov.’98 about winterizing your bike.  I believe that in this climate changing brake fluid and coolant every other year is sufficient, but the rest of the article is right on.

-Here is our present stock of used bikes.

- We’re in the process of setting up a mini movie theater in our showroom and want to offer the room as a gathering place to share information, stories and motorcycle- related films. I’ll send emails when we schedule gatherings.